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Beyond the mass protests, climate change is at the core of many investigations, including those of many contemporary artists. The growing attention on environmentsl issues has inspired artists to create works that express anything from people’s fears to the scientific consensus around the issue. However: are these artworks effective in getting a message across? And what is the role of art in communicating climate change? Art has a different, but complementary, role to play in climate communicationthan science: personal and emotional, is not a rational listing of numbers and facts and statistics. Art allows for a more personal and direct approach, becoming a bridge between emotions and science, often eliminating communication barriers. Desert2Desert is an ongoing photographic project by Carolina Sandretto, begun in 2017. It is a series of photographs exploring the deserts of our planet. Both cold and hot, they regulate our climate and are the source of the wellbeing of our world. But our irresponsible way of life is altering this balance and deserts are changing like the climate is. By superposing cold and hot deserts, Sandretto connects them visually to explain the dependence there is between Iran and Greenland, the Antarctic peninsula and the Svalbard Islands in Norway. The connection creates also a dialogue between two mediums: a digital photo on a scan of an analogue one. This dialogue allows the project to represent also the interconnection between two photographic mediums. There is not anymore, a distinction between places on our world, the climate alterations affect all of them and all of us. The immediate need is to think and reflect about what is happening to our earth and what we are doing to do about it.

Desert 2Desert has gained international recognition, been selected for Festival Pilours 2019, MIA PHOTOFAIR 2020, and has been awarded the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Professional Section).

About Carolina Sandretto

Carolina Sandretto (born 1981) is an Italian photographer. She lives in Milan and Paris. Carolina explores themes such as passing of time, memory and abandonment. For her research, she works predominately with medium and large format analogue cameras. Through traditional techniques, the photographic process becomes a mental creative process, a path whose purpose is the image intended as a story. Her work has been largely exhibited in Italy, Mexico and the USA. She published her first book “Cines de Cuba” in 2017 with Skira and her second one “Cuba. Vivir Con” with Silvana Editoriale, in October 2019. Her work is present in several private collections and has appeared on different publications and news outlets such as: BOMB Magazine, Flash Art, Atlas Obscura, Vogue Italy, Elle Decor, La Stampa, L.A. Times, Glamour, The Guardian, CNN Style, Artribune, Corriere della Sera, Lonely Planet, and others.

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