Double Life is a video series made up of several diptychs focused on the various ways in which artists manage – or not, as the case may be – to reconcile juggling their ‘day jobs’ and their art proper. By portraying artists in various different walks of life, which often don’t coincide with one another in time, Kisseleva raises questions about whether the artist’s work is appreciated by, and what his contribution is to, a society oriented towards efficiency, productivity and profit. The stories told by Kisseleva reflect the alienation that frequently accompanies living a “double life”.
Initiated in 2007, Double Life has been developed as a collaborative project involving artists from every city in which it has been shown. Artists from Paris, New Delhi, Moscow, Shanghai or New York, have created video content to complement Kisseleva’s artwork and, so far, more than 25 diptychs have been commissionned, to name a few, by Consortium (Dijon), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), MNAC (Bucarest), Shanghai Art Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, MOCAK (Krakow) and 49 Nord-Est FRAC Lorraine (Metz).
The Sorbonne’s debat is a collaboration with the LabSIC – EnsadLAB (Paris, France) and the Institute of Sociology – Martin-Luther-Universität of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany).
The book Double Life published by the les presses du réel is avalible.

Olga Kisseleva is a contemporary artist and researcher who works in science and media art. She is the director of the International Institute of Arts and Science. Olga Kisseleva employs a variety of media: video, immersive and virtual reality, performance, interactive installations. Her approach to work is similar to a scientific approach.

November 23rd from 6.30 PM
Sorbonne, Oury Amphitheater
12, rue Cujas, 75005 Paris – France