[dip] is specifically geared towards introducing a younger audience to contemporary art and endeavors to ensure that teachers receive the best on-site and outreach support possible for their audiences.

  • ToddlersAcademy
    Toddlers Academy  is  home for multidisciplinary activities not solely related to art, but looking at establishing a dialogue between the basis of educational and cultural experience of play, creativity, learning and exchange.
    Toddlers Academy  offers a range of activities and laboratories conducted by teachers, architects, educators , artists, scientists, filmmakers…
  • Teachers’ and enthusiasts evenings 
    Evenings offer a private view of the current exhibition with a curatorial tour and a drink. The evenings are a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with our exhibition and get ideas for your own teaching.
  • Working with the community to reach new audiences
    Access to art is often given for granted. However, not everyone has access to art. [dip] works hard to reach the wider community and introduce more and more people to contemporary art. Here at [dip] we are always thinking of new ways to inspire visitors we meet through our partnerships, whether it be workshops, discussions, tours or special events.


[dip] for KIDS

[dip] has so much to offer kids and their families!
Have fun and discover fun facts about works of art with us at our Toddlers Academy.
Watch behind-the-scenes, and get ideas for your own creative projects. Look, learn and create together during fun, interactive labs for kids aged 4-8.

Stay tuned for more info on Kids LABS…

[dip] for WOPART ART FAIR 2018

WOPART KIDS’ LAB is a free area, which is dedicated to laboratories for children while parents visit the fair. A team of professionals will conduct several workshops, which are inspired by works on paper, to bring art within the reach of children, thereby making it a creative experience.
The project, which has been coordinated by Michela Negrini, [dip] contemporary art, has been carried out in collaboration with the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Torino) and the Federica Galli (Milan).


[dip] has so much to offer!
Art, coffee and conversation sessions. Conferences, talks and seminars.
Artists’ workshops and much more.



[dip] TALK at WOPART 2018

Heritage Education: mediation and art with Micaela Goren Monti for Cukier Goren-Goldstein Foundation, Lorenza Salamon for Fondazione Federica Galli, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Dr. Giorgina Bertolino for Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Moderated by Michela Negrini.




TALK RECORDER. Conversation

Conversation and open discussion on the current state of contemporary art, with Viviana Faschi (philosopher), Benedetta Marangoni (historian), Diego Morandini (artist), Gianluca Zonca (artist) e Claudio Citterio (artist), on July 16th, 2018 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Click here for the Invitation