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Joseph Kosuth. NOTATIONS FOR THINKING a selection

[dip] is delighted to present Joseph Kosuth’s first solo exhibition in Ticino, Switzerland. A pioneer of Conceptual art and installation art, Joseph Kosuth (b. 1945, USA) has been initiating language based works and appropriation strategies since the 1960s.
For NOTATIONS FOR THINKING a selection, Kosuth has devised a neon installation work referring to the writings of the German writer Herman Hesse who was based in the region for over forty years. The work will span fourteen meters and wrap around the walls of the main gallery space.
Alongside this new work, the exhibition features a selection of recent works, reflecting the artist’s investigation into the role of language and meaning in art, a recurrent interest which Kosuth has consistently explored over the course of a career spanning more than forty years. In addition, NOTATIONS FOR THINKING demonstrates Kosuth’s longstanding enquiry into the perception, the use of neon as a medium, as well as the appropriated use of literature, philosophy and psychology.

On view: September 14th, 2017 – January 28th, 2018



Olga Kisseleva. CONTRO TEMPO

Born in Saint Petersburg in 1965, Olga Kisseleva lives and works in Paris. With this exhibition the artist, a pioneer of media art, questions the impact of technologies and sciences on our lifestyles, highlighting the paradoxes of time.
CONTROTEMPO gathers a set of works that extend the reflection of the artist over the influence of time in society, environment and economy. For centuries, the complexity of time has been at the core of philosophical and scientific reflections and this exhibition shows some of the artist’s reflections on her investigation on the changes of modern society.
Her art works are exhibited at National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; Modern Art Museum, Paris; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; KIASMA, Helsinki, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; Fondation Cartier for contemporary art, Paris; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao; MoMa, New York and many others important museums.

On view: June 9th – August 27th, 2017


David Bowie& Masayoshi Sukita. HEROES

The exhibition is the first exhibition in Switzerland devoted to the Japanese photographer who captured and inspired David Bowie for over 40 years. Born in 1938 in Nogata, northern Japan, Sukita’s photos are probably the most important ones on the London artist. Although his work is known worldwide through the iconic shots that illustrated the album cover HEROES, few people know that the relationship between Bowie and Sukita has over the years transformed into a friendship that has created a real association between the two artists, as well as in intimate shots and disarming beauty for their daily lives that are presented, some for the first time, at [dip].

On view: 10th March- 26th April, 2017



Wang Tong explores photography with the accuracy of a philologist, while continuously expanding the scope of a genre which, for him, is a meta-language for investigating the complex liaison between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the real and the ideal, the historical and the daily. As an author of documentary images rooted in the keen observation of past history and contemporary reality as well as the tension between strong narrative elements, Wang Tong has devoted his career to portraying the abrupt changes that his mother country has undergone. He documents the construction and incessant renegotiation of China’s identity in both the individual and collective senses. His photographic work is the prism through which we can view the various layers of Chinese history that are inevitably intertwined with the artist’s personal experience. In Wang’s oeuvre, these elements overlap with thrilling results, and each photograph reflects a specific moment in his mental and geographical topography. Traces of Time comprises a selection of photographs, which are part of a larger body of works from two series:  Forging Cities and Mao on the Wall. The landscape, especially the urban one, becomes a metaphor not just for the incessant metamorphosis of Chinese society, but for the Chinese condition. Desires, hopes, fears, and a sense of transiency are all rooted in and reflected by this landscape.

On view: January 20th – March 5th, 2017



French artist Melik Ohanian’s entire body of work interrogates both the whereby of the image and its allegorical power, constantly returning to a certain number of themes: desert zones, the working class world, the end of revolutionary utopias, and matters of science, history, and society. Indeed, several are the pivotal themes in his work and history, space and time can be identified as his strongest concerns and considerations. For this exhibition, the artist has focused on the material of time, which is inseparable from space, conceptualizing the space as a context and the pieces in it as its dimensions. Inviting the public to experience time through its standard of measurement, Melik Ohanian proposes a cosmic scenario halfway between poetry and science, where the infinitely small and the infinitely great interact at different dimensions and these two extremes make the objects of our world disappear for the time of the exhibition. “Portrait of Duration” comprises 9 photographs which are part of a larger body of work Portrait of Duration – Cesium Series, 2015, black and white photographs: the piece shown at FIAC 2015, when the artist was shortlisted (and later awarded) for the Duchamp prize.

On view: October 13th, 2016- January 6th, 2017