The Covid19 pandemic is forcing to go virtual and technology is redefining our paradigms. Today, we enjoy from the comfort of our home virtual visits to Museums, Galleries, Archives. More than 2500 museums and galleries, including among others the Louvre, the British Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the Guggenheim, have for years now shared their exhibitions through virtual rooms and additional online digital content, the main audience being students, professionals and academics.  Today, we all rush to offer online viewing rooms and digital platform for collectors and Art Lovers, passing over the physical barriers and the personal touch of a gallery visit. Perhaps the coronavirus has only fast-tracked the inevitable: will virtual experiences substitute the in-situ experience, creating an illusion? I believe the experience of being in a room with the artist, the artwork, or the gallerist cannot be entirely replaced by an online-only viewing room, which remains – indeed –  a fantastic complementary option to reach a larger public, however not a new norm.