The State Hermitage Museum/ Science.Art.Museum program

Presentation by Olga Kisseleva: April 15 from 8 PM

The emerging bio-interfaces designed nowadays in our laboratories are skillfully effective: scientists reproduce smart arrangements that the living matter has optimized over generations, or they structure the infinitely small to attain previously unimaginable properties. The artist does not sculpt the external form but the internal sub-structures of matter, not the object but its properties. Taking note of its passage through the world of ideas, biological interface arises both as a tangible and intangible presence. An art piece “which has a weight, which has a heart”, in the words of Gaston Bachelard, whose touch – from the poetic caress to the containing tactility, from the embrace of love to the destructive crushing – can touch us deeply. A performer substance, since it is effective and active, which intense presence and ability to make reality foreign to us arouse very rich aesthetic feelings. Thanks to biological interface art becomes responsive, to embody interactive works of another kind with which we enter into relation directly through the body language. A matter to be thought of, since our thoughts are originally corporal. Thinking the limits of body, for example, at the beginning of our process towards artificial life.

Project participants: Olga Kisseleva, Oron Catts, Vadim Fishkin, Dmitry Bulatov, Ken Rinaldo, Zoï Kapoula, Claudia Lastra, Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh, Dr. Hans Bjelkhagen, Dr. Austin Nevin, Dr. Paraskevi Pouli, Dr. Maxim Artyomov.

The exhibition: November 19, 2016 – June 17, 2017