STOP LICHT, Glow festival, Netherlands.

The exhibition STOP LICHT is a GLOW Special during the Eindhovens light festival GLOW.

STOP LICHT gets you to reflect on something which is very commonplace for most people, the sense of sight. And yet sight is a singular process: the light falls on the eye and is transformed by the brain into an image, the process of visual perception. Light is a prerequisite in this process because we cannot see anything without it. Therefore light is very important for artists. After all, they create works which have to be seen. This applies to an even greater extent for artists who use light itself as a material to create their works of art.

A selection of artworks in which light has a central place as the source of what is seen was made for STOP LICHT .

Project Participants: Christian Boltanski, Tracey Emin, Elcke van Gorkum, Akinori Goto, Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno, Olga Kisseleva, Gabriel Lester, Laurent Mareschal, and Sergey Rozhin

The exhibition: November 11-19, 2017