EDGY, Gallery of Fine Arts, Split, Croazia

Edgy presents video works by four renown international artists: Carlos Aires (Spain), Chiara Fumai (Italy), Paolo Canevari (Italy / USA), and Aurora Reinhard (Finland) that are interrelated by methods of appropriation and reinterpretation of iconic cultural references. All the referential works aestheticize power and the importance of gender and sexuality; all were scandalous at the time of their creation only to later become classics of their period. Reinterpretation by contemporary artists revitalize their subversive charge while unveiling the current status and rapport of sexuality and power, ideology and sensuality.

Project Participants: Paolo Canevari, Carlos Aires, Chiara Fumai, Aurora Reinhard

Curated by Branko Franceschi.

Opening: 5th October, 2017