Born in Windsor, England, in 1955, Angela Lyn is of Anglo- Chinese origin. After living and studying in the USA, Taiwan, and the UK, Angela is now based in Lugano, Switzerland. Her works are found in numerous international, private and public collections.

Angela Lyn: Why painting?

In times of constant visual distraction, finding meaning in images is difficult. There is little time to reflect and build a relationship with what we see. My interest in painting lies in reawakening that relationship. In today’s context, an image that one can revisit and rediscover, takes on new relevance. I use painting as a tool to re-examine how the duration of time can affect our perception of experience. Through the contemplation of nature -landscape, trees and plants, I build images slowly until they transcend representation and reach a point where time is arrested. It is here that the painting invites the viewer to engage and meaning can be created.