OPENING: Paolo Canevari. Landscapes

The exhibition includes works from Canevari’s latest series: Monuments of the Memory – Landscapes, 2020 and Stains, 2020. This works, burned engine oil on paper, are based on the use of a material as a starting point for the interpretation of the work. The waste oil from the car engine, the quintessence of pollution, becomes by osmosis stains and landscapes on initial and final blank pages of old books, sheets and prints recovered by the artist. Dropping or spreading them with burnt industral oil, used as a real color or ink, to create hilly landscapes and suggestic cosmic visions, black holes and dark materials. Canevari’s reflection on pollution, in a very broad sense, appears inevitably. The pollution of nature but also that of news and minds. The stain that slowly covers our life and pollutes our daily lives.
In addition to his latest productions, the exhibition presents works  ranging from the early 1990s until more recently. 

Opening on October 15, 2020, from 4 p.m., with the Artist.