Paolo Canevari. LANDSCAPES
LANDSCAPES includes works from Canevari’s latest series: Monuments of the Memory – Landscapes, 2020 and Stains, 2020. This works, burned engine oil on paper, are based on the use of a material as a starting point for the interpretation of the work. The waste oil from the car engine, the quintessence of pollution, becomes by osmosis stains and landscapes on initial and final blank pages of old books, sheets and prints recovered by the artist. Dropping or spreading them with burnt industral oil, used as a real color or ink, to create hilly landscapes and suggestic cosmic visions, black holes and dark materials. Canevari’s reflection on pollution, in a very broad sense, appears inevitably. The pollution of nature but also that of news and minds. The stain that slowly covers our life and pollutes our daily lives.
In addition to his latest productions, the exhibition presents works
ranging from the early 1990s until more recently. The recovery of iconic forms, inspired by classical art history is a prerogative of the Italian artist, who expresses the richness of the past while at the same time he embodies its cultural and artistic burden, a sort of mnemonic horizon without boundaries. Within Paolo Canevari’s artworks, it is evident how the ties with artistic tradition and human history are inextricable and enduring. The use of different raw materials combined with poetic concepts, creates a profound dialectic between idea and form, heaviness and lightness, solidity and docility, tangibility and ephemerality and the symbols of our society are forever bound in a radical opposition of forces.

Opening: October 15, h. 16.00
On view: October 16 – December 22, 2020




Peter Wüthrich’s work evolves around the solid, but precarious fabric “book”, which he uses for construction, colour, picture and lettering; like no other contemporary artist, Wüthrich has been working on the metamorphoses of the book with obsession and ease since the 1990’s. Following and developing his poetic of the “book”, his investigation may easily serve as additional reflection to the changes and questions in today’s media. tales is the first solo show in the region of Tessin, Switzerland and marks the beginning of a collaboration with [dip]. Featuring a selection of recent works, tales reflects the artist’s investigation into books, dissociating them from their original purposes to become infinite metaphors for the world, a recurrent interest which Peter has consistently explored over the course of a career spanning more than thirty year.

Opening: May 11, 2020, h. 18.00
On view: May 12 – October 5, 2020



A group show with Geraldo de Barros (Brazil), Paolo Canevari (Italy), Olga Kisseleva (France/Russia), Wang Tong (China), Avinash Veeraraghavan (India).

A selection of works by three generations of artists, spanning four different continents. Different historical, political and artistic periods. Different social and urban contexts. Through their works, these artists depicts expressions of a visual vocabulary that refers to continuous interconnections between art and society: gathering strong inputs, eager to find a synergy between past and future, oscillating between different contexts. In this different explorations, the landscape, especially the urban one, becomes a metaphor for the incessant metamorphosis of society.

Opening: January 22 2020, h. 18.00                                                                                                                                                                                
On view: January 23rd – February 22nd, 2020


Kawita Vatanajyankur. LOOPING PARADOXES

To inaugurate its new premises, [dip] contemporary art is delighted to present Thai artist Kawita Vatanajyankur for her first solo show in Switzerland. Protagonist of the contemporary Asian, Australian and American art scene, Kawita investigates the vulnerable female condition, provoking questions surrounding the place of cultural identity, feminism, women’s work, consumerism and lived experiences – classified through a lens of hypercoloured realism and the intensity of physical versus material composition and abandonment. LOOPING PARADOXES features works from three different series, developed since 2015 and ongoing: Performing Textiles, Work and Splash.

Opening: September 21st 2019, h.11.00 – 13.00                                                                                                                                                                                      On view: September 21st 2019 – January 1st 2020

Carolina Sandretto. ALL THINGS LEFT BEHIND

On view in Lugano, Switzerland: April 18 – June 17, 2019

On view in Pietrasanta (LU), Italy: June 22 – August 31, 2019

After the successful exhibition in Lugano, [dip] contemporary art is delighted to invite you to its temporary pop up in Pietrasanta (LU) – Italy, [dip] presents the traveling exhibition ALL THINGS LEFT BEHIND by Carolina Sandretto in a magnificent 17’s century building. The photographer Carolina Sandretto, once again takes the viewer to Cuba, Svalbard and Antarctica to explore the idea of time and its passing and what it signifies for the landscape of things that belong to us. Time and its passing influence objects in a visible way. Their superficies and external aspect change as well as the significance and importance of these things hold for us. They become part of a lost landscape, traces of who we were a testimony of our past life, memory of what we were by what we left behind. Our collective past reflects on the surface of the landscapes depicted, even in places where these things are still in use.
With a background in both Not for profit Management and Photojournalism, Carolina explores themes such as passing of time, memory and abandonment. For her research, she works predominately with medium format analogue cameras and large format. Through traditional techniques, the photographic process becomes a mental creative process, a path whose purpose is the image intended as a story.


Geraldo de Barros. THAT’S IT

[dip] contemporary art is delighted to present Geraldo de Barros (1923 – 1998) first solo show in the region of Tessin, Switzerland. Brazilian painter, photographer and designer, he also worked in engraving, graphic arts, and industrial design.He was a leader of the concrete art movement in Brazil, cofounding Grupo Ruptura and was known for his trailblazing work in experimental abstract photography and modernism. Since the mid ‘50’s he was also active as a designer of furniture (Unilabor), where he devoted himself until the late ‘80’s (Hobjeto). According to The Guardian, De Barros was “one of the most influential Brazilian artists of the 20th century”. The exhibition features a selection of historical works from the 1940’s, alongside his most recent works from the late 1990’s. It includes Formica paintings, photographs, silkscreens, drawings and archival documents. Very different works, all expression of a visual vocabulary that refers to continuous interconnections between art and society. A work of a man and artist who – with his research and experimentation – aspired to an “utopian” world, created through his own works.Geraldo de Barros moved from geometry to pop art, from industrial design to photography. Influenced by concrete art and constructivist movement, he changed his view on representation of reality and applied new rules. Just about twenty years after his death, his works are accompaning us along a path that not only shows the use of different means and techniques, but also goes beyond spatial boundaries, moving from the bidimensional size of photography to reach at the poly-dimensional one, as in the series Sobras as well as Jogo de dados.Opening: 13th February, 2019 at 6:00 pm
On view: February 14th – April 14th, 2019


[dip] contemporary art is delighted to present Indian artists Thukral & Tagra’s first solo show in Switzerland, SOMNIUM SEMINIBUS II.  The exhibition’s opening takes place on Wednesday, September 19th, from 6:00 pm at the presence of the artists. Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively with a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, installations, interactive games, video, performance and design. Continuing their earlier project regarding the botanical enquires – SOMNIUM SEMINIBUS  was conceived. The projects the second part of the hatching made while a visit to the botanical garden. These reveries were manifested as a construct of a fact sketch, a derivation of what a lucid the dream would look like.The series revolves around exploring the idea of a journey both inwards and outwards. They have been painting dreams, always returning to a notion of space as constantly exploding, as free-flowing in between surreal bubbles and struggling with stored memories, but continuously being pumped up by aspirations. The exercise started as a humble approach to illustrate the flora present in Rani Bagh, Mumbai. The composition enable one to think of the existing matter around. The coexistence of these elements in nature makes us interrogate their origins and their past, which is manicured by folklore and natural progressions. The ways of looking at them can be challenges and a dream of a walk along its path is what they intend to narrate. This by no means is a biological study of species, but what it does is to juxtapose the elements which have been inherited and stayed together through time.

Opening: 19th September 2018 at 6:00 pm
On view: September 20th – January 14th, 2018

Claudio Citterio. LOOP RECORDER

[dip] contemporary art is delighted to present LOOP RECORDER by Italian artist Claudio Citterio (1975, Varese). The opening  takes place on Thursday, June 7th, from 6:00 to 8:30pm, at the presence of the artist. Born in Varese (Italy) in 1975 he lives and works in Malnate and Varese. Graduated from the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera” of Milan, since 1998 he has been exhibiting his works in Italy and abroad; he contributed and took part in publishing and exhibition projects by and with Luciano Fabro and Jole de Sanna, being an active member of Casa degli Artisti, and its research and explorations. Claudio Citterio’s work “focuses on two experiences of consciousness: one of the work as potential next action and one of history as unbroken line of the idea through the artworks”. It is from these two “generating but  non-overlapping instances” that Claudio Citterio develops his action in the art. His work focuses on the disorientation of a comprehensive/perceptive path, able to activate an unexpected syllogistic concatenation between artwork, its perception and the observer as an active presence. The exhibition LOOP RECORDER, brings the public into a particular atmosphere in which the concept of light plays an essential role. The exhibition creates a dimension in which the public is directly involved, through four works strictly linked one to the other (Loop, Chronography, Mirror, Transparent/Equinox). A visual cycle, which makes the observer’s presence a kind of rhythmic pattern overlying and revealing/revealed by the same exhibition.

On view: June 8th, 2018 – September 9th, 2018

Thukral & Tagra. PLAY PREY POP OUT

[dip] is delighted to present Indian artists Thukral & Tagra’s first solo show in Thailand.Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively with a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, installations, interactive games, video, performance and design. Thukral & Tagra work on new formats of public engagement and attempt to expand the scope of what art can do. They break out of the mediated and disciplinary world and create multimodal sensory and immersive environments. Their recent work has dealt with the interpretation of Indian mythological narratives and symbols in ways that renew and enliven a largely pedantic and static area of cultural material. PLAY PREY POP OUT explores the idea of transposing Indian mythology into a Thai context by rejuvenating narratives and symbols to give an updated dimension to our traditional understanding of cultural matter and living in ethical solidarity. This exhibition, their first solo show in Thailand, continues the portrayal of mythological events and mathematical assertions through the vocabulary of sports. It is a musing experience of a conscious being trapped in the perplexity of the set of circumstances keeping Ramakien/Ramayana as a central paradigm.

On view: June 21th, 2018 – July 8th, 2018


[dip] contemporary art is delighted to present Paolo Canevari’s (1963, Rome) first solo show in Switzerland. In his artworks, the Italian artist conveys the complexity of the fleeting and transient reality of the contemporary world through the use of multiple mediums, from sculptures, to drawings, to installations and to videos. CONSTELLATIONS will inaugurate on March 1st, with an opening reception from 18.00 to 20.30 with the artist present. Paolo Canevari’s work stems from thoughts and reflections on the transient nature of art and on the significance of artistic sculptures in modern society. While wondering on the value and origin of the most intimate aspects of memory, the artist develops his own personal language where symbols, pop culture, historical knowledge and politics are intertwined in a new interpretation of daily life and where memory and remembrance take on a metaphysical form. The dialectic between memory and eetingness, both in art and in reality, has always been the origin and essence of Canevari’s works. In order for the past to become true in the present, the images must be broken apart in our memories to then take on a new form. For this reason, the artist frequently uses the colour black as it facilitates the neutralisation of former symbols and emblems, mutating their meanings so that they can be translated into a new iconographic vocabulary in the present.

On view: March 1st, 2018 – May 28th, 2018


Joseph Kosuth. NOTATIONS FOR THINKING a selection

[dip] is delighted to present Joseph Kosuth’s first solo exhibition in Ticino, Switzerland. A pioneer of Conceptual art and installation art, Joseph Kosuth (b. 1945, USA) has been initiating language based works and appropriation strategies since the 1960s.
For NOTATIONS FOR THINKING a selection, Kosuth has devised a neon installation work referring to the writings of the German writer Herman Hesse who was based in the region for over forty years. The work will span fourteen meters and wrap around the walls of the main gallery space.
Alongside this new work, the exhibition features a selection of recent works, reflecting the artist’s investigation into the role of language and meaning in art, a recurrent interest which Kosuth has consistently explored over the course of a career spanning more than forty years. In addition, NOTATIONS FOR THINKING demonstrates Kosuth’s longstanding enquiry into the perception, the use of neon as a medium, as well as the appropriated use of literature, philosophy and psychology.

On view: September 14th, 2017 – January 28th, 2018


Olga Kisseleva. CONTRO TEMPO

Born in Saint Petersburg in 1965, Olga Kisseleva lives and works in Paris. With this exhibition the artist, a pioneer of media art, questions the impact of technologies and sciences on our lifestyles, highlighting the paradoxes of time.
CONTROTEMPO gathers a set of works that extend the reflection of the artist over the influence of time in society, environment and economy. For centuries, the complexity of time has been at the core of philosophical and scientific reflections and this exhibition shows some of the artist’s reflections on her investigation on the changes of modern society.
Her art works are exhibited at National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; Modern Art Museum, Paris; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; KIASMA, Helsinki, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; Fondation Cartier for contemporary art, Paris; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao; MoMa, New York and many others important museums.

On view: June 9th – August 27th, 2017


David Bowie& Masayoshi Sukita. HEROES

The exhibition is the first exhibition in Switzerland devoted to the Japanese photographer who captured and inspired David Bowie for over 40 years. Born in 1938 in Nogata, northern Japan, Sukita’s photos are probably the most important ones on the London artist. Although his work is known worldwide through the iconic shots that illustrated the album cover HEROES, few people know that the relationship between Bowie and Sukita has over the years transformed into a friendship that has created a real association between the two artists, as well as in intimate shots and disarming beauty for their daily lives that are presented, some for the first time, at [dip].

On view: 10th March- 26th April, 2017



Wang Tong explores photography with the accuracy of a philologist, while continuously expanding the scope of a genre which, for him, is a meta-language for investigating the complex liaison between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the real and the ideal, the historical and the daily. As an author of documentary images rooted in the keen observation of past history and contemporary reality as well as the tension between strong narrative elements, Wang Tong has devoted his career to portraying the abrupt changes that his mother country has undergone. He documents the construction and incessant renegotiation of China’s identity in both the individual and collective senses. His photographic work is the prism through which we can view the various layers of Chinese history that are inevitably intertwined with the artist’s personal experience. In Wang’s oeuvre, these elements overlap with thrilling results, and each photograph reflects a specific moment in his mental and geographical topography. Traces of Time comprises a selection of photographs, which are part of a larger body of works from two series:  Forging Cities and Mao on the Wall. The landscape, especially the urban one, becomes a metaphor not just for the incessant metamorphosis of Chinese society, but for the Chinese condition. Desires, hopes, fears, and a sense of transiency are all rooted in and reflected by this landscape.

On view: January 20th – March 5th, 2017



French artist Melik Ohanian’s entire body of work interrogates both the whereby of the image and its allegorical power, constantly returning to a certain number of themes: desert zones, the working class world, the end of revolutionary utopias, and matters of science, history, and society. Indeed, several are the pivotal themes in his work and history, space and time can be identified as his strongest concerns and considerations. For this exhibition, the artist has focused on the material of time, which is inseparable from space, conceptualizing the space as a context and the pieces in it as its dimensions. Inviting the public to experience time through its standard of measurement, Melik Ohanian proposes a cosmic scenario halfway between poetry and science, where the infinitely small and the infinitely great interact at different dimensions and these two extremes make the objects of our world disappear for the time of the exhibition. “Portrait of Duration” comprises 9 photographs which are part of a larger body of work Portrait of Duration – Cesium Series, 2015, black and white photographs: the piece shown at FIAC 2015, when the artist was shortlisted (and later awarded) for the Duchamp prize.

On view: October 13th, 2016- January 6th, 2017